Weaving and Ceramics

Weaving and ceramics go together perfectly. So besides following colleague weavers, I love to be inspired by what other artisanal workers do. Becoming friends with Juliette happened at the right moment. Keramiek Juliette makes gorgeous ceramics. You definitely should check her website.
A few months ago, our mutual friend Ronald brought us into contact with each other. We had a lovely inspiring chat and found out that we both would love to try out a collaboration. Neither one of us has done this before, so we had to set a few goals for ourselves. That’s why we decided to make a wallhanging.
A double weaving and ceramics. Both handwoven and handformed of course.
If you are curious about what we’ve accomplished, just stay in touch and check out our websites to see the final result !

We are so excited that we can’t wait to give a small sneak peek ….
In a later post we will share more details and info about our collaboration and the process. More of my weavings can be found here and here. More of Juliette’s ceramics can be found here and here.

IlsePhilips & Keramiek Juliette