CARNIVAL wallhanging

Carnival wallhanging

Introducing my new Carnival wallhanging. A design – handwoven in the passement-technique – that celebrates color. Passement is the art of handweaving decorative ribbons. A lost technique that I have revived, but in an enlarged and modern format. 
Carnival is a bright and colourful wall art which is woven with luxury yarns as 100% merino wool, 100% silk and combined with paracord. As implied by its name, color is a recurring element in the design of my passementerie series.


Elizabeth Ashdown (based in the UK) is an artist who gives passement courses. So I decided to follow one of her courses. Her course was an eye-opener for me as it is such a versatile weaving structure.

Handwoven Carnival wallhanging by Ilse Philips

A splash of color

The graphic expression of the handwoven design comes together in the use of colours and yarns which makes this design looks light, airy and is a real eye-catcher. Contrasting yarns and how the design elements are woven ensure a design that is modern, luxurious and full of character. 

With its modern and luxurious look, the handcrafted Carnival wallhanging will fit beautifully in your living room, bedroom or dining room.

Carnival is unique and available in a single number.

Format : 69×90 cm
Materials : merino wool, silk, paracord and packaging ribbon.
Design and woven by : Ilse Philips

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Weaving with strips of old sheets

weaving with strips of sheets

Weaving with strips of old sheets

Weaving with strips of old sheets is a good way to re-use old curtains, bedsheets or old table linens.

Rip some old sheets in long ribbons and weave with them. You can leave the ends hanging on both sides as a design feature, or you can weave them in. It’s fun doing, weaving goes very fast en the result is amazing. Turn your old sheets or curtains into a new piece of fabric by weaving with strips. Make place mats, table runners, rugs, potholders or even cushion covers with your old sheets or curtains. I combined bed sheets with grey cotton cord and regular cotton yarn. You have to warp your loom with a slightly wider sett. I threaded my loom for a Monks Belt technique.

More fun experiments ?
Try weaving loops
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