Weaving loops or piles is fun to do. It looks very complicated, but it is really very easy. All you need is a knitting pen. If you use a thin knitting pen you get small loops, a thick pen gives you large ones. 


Handwoven fabric with large loops in wool. Design by ilsephilips

Here’s how to do it

  • Start by weaving a few rows of plain weave.
  • Throw your shuttle but do not beat.
  • Pick up the weft thread between the warp threads with your knitting pen and keep your knitting pen in.
  • Beat firmly and still leave your knitting pen in.
  • Weave 1 or 2 rows of plain weave.
  • Remove the knitting pen.
  • Repeat.

Felted vase handwoven. Design by ilsephilips

You can create piles anywhere you want in your weaving, just make sure you ‘secure’ your loops with a row of plain weave. 

Loop pile weaving can be used in rugs, but also in towels, wash cloths, wallhangings. You can leave the loops as they are, or you can cut them. Cutting them gives you little fuzzy ends. Just let your creativity flow 🙂 
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