Krokbragd find its origin in Scandinavia. It’s a weft faced twill weave structure that is woven on 3 shafts. Weft faced means the weft is covering most of the warp.  It is pronounced “croak-brod”.

Krokbragd rug Lollipop. Design by ilsephilips

Because the weft is very tight packed, krokbragd produces a firm and heavy fabric. This weaving structure is often used for rugs or heavy duty pieces such as upholstery for chairs, couches or wall hangings. 

This weave structure produces fun, bold and colourful patterns. The weaving sequence does not change, so changing colours is what makes the patterns.

Krokbragd oven cloth Sweden. Design ilsephilips
Detail krokbragd oven cloth Sweden. Design ilsephilips


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