Weaving loops is fun to do. All you need is a knitting pen. If you use a thin knitting pen you get small loops, a thick pen gives you large loops. 

Handwoven fabric with large loops in wool. Design by ilsephilips

Here’s how to do it

  • Start by weaving a few rows of plain weave.
  • Throw your shuttle but do not beat.
  • Pick up the weft thread between the warp threads with your knitting pen and keep it in.
  • Beat firmly.
  • Weave 1 or 2 rows of plain weave
  • Remove the knitting pen.
  • Repeat.
Felted vase handwoven with loops. Design by ilsephilips

You can create loops any where you want in your weaving, just make sure you ‘secure’ your loops with a row of plain weave.

Photo www.weavezine.com
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