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When I was young (feels like a long time ago….oh wait…..it IS a long time ago) I was always interested in fashion, design, sketching, drawing, interiors and architecture. I can’t remember how many times I redecorated my bedroom.

When I was 16 (and still at school) I had a ‘Saturday & Wednesday-afternoon’-job with an architect who lived in my street. Nothing fancy or spectacular, just typing his reports (on an electrical typewriter; yes….he was very modern) to earn some extra money. It was a very inspiring place to be. The money I earned I did not spend on going out to discos, alcohol or drugs (okay….I must confess…..in the small farming village I lived there was 1 disco who served no alcohol and we just never heard of drugs). Nope….In the small village I was living, there was a little antique shop. No need to say that all the money I earned was spend in that shop.

Fashion was my second love. I had subscriptions to every interesting fashion magazine and as my mother was a couture seamstress making my own clothes was easy-peasy. When I left school at 18, I asked myself what I would like to do. The answer was ofcourse Fashion Designer. Unfortunately I could not enroll in that study so I decided to go to work as a secretary and earn money.

After a while I got bored being a secretary and started following several courses as a beauty specialist, manicure, bodypainting, window dresser, drawing, sketching, painting, etc….I needed something to be creative in.

I started following art school and became an illustrator. I met my husband (who is Dutch) and moved from this small farming village in Belgium to The Netherlands. I got a part-time job at the university as a graphic designer where I still work.

I never lost my interest in architecture, design and textile and I started my own small business in illustrated textiles. I designed illustrations in a limited number and had them printed on textiles (towels, napkins, table runners, pillow covers, etc…). It was very fun doing and my designs were sold world-wide on a small scale. But problems with printing offices, delivery problems and printing mistakes made me decide to stop with the printed textiles. But what would I do next ???

Well……I started weaving. 

When I told my kids and husband I would start weaving they said to me with a puzzled expression : “Umm…..mom…..weaving is medieval.” But so be it….
I started following weaving lessons, bought my first loom and I’ve been weaving now for about 3 years. I like weaving complex patterns and I have several looms (4-, 8-, 10-, and 16-shaft looms).

But what to do with all the printed and handwoven textiles ?
Well, I use them in some of the interior design projects I occasionally do. And of course I sell them on a small scale. In the photo below you see a pillow with a photo of a rose hip. Sometimes I use photos my husband makes during our walks and turn them into pillow covers or graphic designs, like the pillow cover of mushrooms.

Some of the interior design projects I’ve done can be found on www.homify.nl. Homify is an international platform where interior designers share their projects and where clients who need help with their interior can send in a request for help. You can also browse through idea books, search for inspiring photographs of specific rooms or ask for help via the forum. Also Homify bloggers write inspiring articles about specific topics using photos published on Homify.

I had the pleasure of being mentioned twice in 2 articles by Johan van Dijk. Johan is a very inspiring and passionate blogger for Homify based in Berlin.

The first article was about “Het ideale bankje bij het voeteneinde van je bed” (translated : how to make a gorgeous bed-end). Here’s the link to the dutch article.

The second article was bout “De leukste idee├źn voor een donkere slaapkamer” (translated : the coolest ideas for a dark bedroom). Here’s the link to the dutch article.

Well, I’m better at weaving than I am at writing, so…..have a nice day !

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