Botanical Collection – Part 1

Whoehoe !!! I’m over the moon Look what came in today. My brand-new collection “Summer Flower” tea towels. This is part 1 of my Botanical collection. I’m making a collection of industrial woven, handwoven, luxury woven home/personal accessoires and handmade art. These towels are for sale via PM and soon in my shop. Designed by

Wallhanging and ceramics

Weaving and Ceramics

Weaving and ceramics go together perfectly. So besides following colleague weavers, I love to be inspired by what other artisanal workers do. Becoming friends with Juliette happened at the right moment. Keramiek Juliette makes gorgeous ceramics. You definitely should check her website. A few months ago, our mutual friend Ronald brought us into contact with

Vintage moose wall art

Weaving a vintage moose wall art on my 16-shaft loom was always on my to-do list. I finally decided to spend some time designing this in a 16-shaft summer & winter technique. Eva Stossel has written a nice blog about this summer & winter technique. Summer & winter is a Scandinavian block weaving, woven with