Flower Field Wallhanging

Keramiek Juliette (ceramist, Terneuzen) and Ilse Philips (textile artist, Zoetermeer) joined hands together to create a unique wallhanging.
Ilse wove the base cloth in a deflected double weave pattern, and ceramist Juliette created the different flowers.

So when the plan for a collaboration had come up, we started with a designplan. What was the feeling we would like to capture in our artwork?

With the designplan in mind we created the cloth and the ceramic flowers. Ilse wove the cloth by hand in a deflected double weave structure and Juliette started building up the flowers with an earthenware clay which had a slightly rough appearance matching Ilse’s weaving.

The flowers were made quite thin though so that they wouldn’t be too heavy for the weaving.

Part of the flowers were created with separate petals. Others were built up from a circular form. They all got their own fine details. The heart of each flower was made in such a way that Ilse could make different patterns with colours from the weaving.     

After firing the pieces for the first time, Juliette added some subtle colouring. Then she finished them off with glossy and matte transparent glazes and fired them again.

Ilse finished the artwork by sewing by hand all the delicate ceramic flowers.

Size : 37 x 60 cm (without fringes).
Prize : 380 euro

Interested to display our artwork in your gallery or magazine? Want to collaborate with us? Or are you interested in buying this artwork? Just mail Ilse or Juliette

PAS-GOLD / kunstwerk

Te koop via @masters_and_crafters. PAS-GOLD / kunstwerk.
Een perfect cadeau voor de feestdagen.
Dit handgeweven kunstwerk is geweven in de ‘passement’ techniek. Passement is de kunst van het weven van decoratieve linten. Een verloren gegane techniek die ik nieuw leven ingeblazen heb, maar dan in een modern jasje.
Dit kunstwerk is ingelijst in een zwarte box die zowel neergezet als opgehangen kan worden. Het kunstwerk komt hierdoor nog beter tot zijn recht. 

Elk kunstwerk is uniek en wordt slechts in 1 exemplaar gemaakt.

Een mooi, uniek en origineel cadeau dus !
Formaat box : 37×37 cm
Kleuren : groene, zwart, oranje, goud
Materialen : oranje en zwart paracord, groene en zwarte zijde, goudkleurige tubes.
Ontwerp : Ilse Philips
Geweven door : Ilse Philips
Meer info via www.mastersandcrafters.com.

PAS-GOLD kunstwerk by Ilse Philips
Detail PAS-GOLD kunstwerk by Ilse Philips
Opgehangen PAS-GOLD kunstwerk by Ilse Philips
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On June 26 & 27 2021, I had the pleasure to follow Elizabeth Ashdowns Masterclass of Passementerie. 

What is passementerie ? 

Passementerie is an endangered craft. It is the art of making elaborate trimmings for clothing or furnishing. According to Wikipedia it’s :

Passementerie (/pæsˈmɛntri/, French pronunciation: ​[pɑsmɑ̃tri]) or passementarie is the art of making elaborate trimmings or edgings (in French, passements) of applied braidgold or silver cord, embroidery, colored silk, or beads for clothing or furnishings. Styles of passementerie include the tasselfringes (applied, as opposed to integral), ornamental cords, galloonspomponsrosettes, and gimps, as well as other forms. 

Source : From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Passementerie comes in different shapes and sizes. Normally, passementerie is small so you can sew it onto dresses, jackets, curtains and upholstery.


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One of the most famous passementerie companies is Verrier in Paris. They make the most gorgeous passementerie you can imagine.

Passementerie of Verrier

Because it’s a very time-consuming craft, it has become­ endangered. 

I am autodidact and I tried learning passementerie by viewing the photos on the internet. But that didn’t get me much further. 

I came across Elizabeth’s website and subscribed for her online zoom Passementerie Masterclass. Elizabeth Ashdown MA RCA is an artist based in South East England. She creates contemporary, hand woven artworks using the endangered craft of Passementerie. You should definitely check-out her website and Instagramaccount. It’s a burst of great design and gorgeous colors.


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Passementerie Masterclass – Elizabeth Ashdown

What did I learn ?

Elizabeth starts her course with explaining what passementerie is. How you can give it a personal twist and how to set up your weaving. You can use a frame loom, or as I did, my large 16-shaft Ashford loom.

The sett you use for your warp is very dense. So you don’t see the weft threads for the basic ribbon.

She explains what a picot, scallop and crete is. You weave together with her (and all the other participants) live, your first design. In between you can ask questions and she explains the do’s and don’ts very clearly.

I have woven 2 different designs on a single warp/ribbon.

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Single ribbon sample from IlsePhilips during the Masterclass Passementerie

You can go crazy when you work with different wefts and with 2 warps/ribbons. Is it as complicated as it looks? Well, you certainly need to be very focused on which weft, ribbon, color you will use to make your design look great.

In my left warp/ribbon I used a wider sett then the warp/ribbon on the right. As you can see the right ribbon looks better because there are no ‘gaps’.
Ofcourse, gaps can be a design feature if you plan it carefully.

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Double ribbon sample from IlsePhilips during the Masterclass Passementerie
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Double ribbon sample with a bead from IlsePhilips during the Masterclass Passementerie

Let’s get crazy

With passementerie you can get as crazy as you like. There are no limits to what you can use. Below are a few examples of try-outs. I made them with recycled household-stuff.

ilsephilips.nl – test samples made with strips of a bag of chips and sanitary napkins.
Samples made with additional macramé woven in using broken headphone cables – IlsePhilips
Black & white – made with garbage bag strips and ear-sticks – IlsePhilips

Learn an endangered craft

Bring passementerie back to live. If you like to know more about how to weave it, I can highly recommend Elizabeth’s Masterclass. She’s a fantastic and brilliant weaver, a good teacher and a very nice and helpful person.

Thank you Elizabeth, it was really fun learning passementerie !

Weaving and Ceramics

Wallhanging and ceramics

Weaving and ceramics go together perfectly. So besides following colleague weavers, I love to be inspired by what other artisanal workers do. Becoming friends with Juliette happened at the right moment. Keramiek Juliette makes gorgeous ceramics. You definitely should check her website.
A few months ago, our mutual friend Ronald brought us into contact with each other. We had a lovely inspiring chat and found out that we both would love to try out a collaboration. Neither one of us has done this before, so we had to set a few goals for ourselves. That’s why we decided to make a wallhanging.
A double weaving and ceramics. Both handwoven and handformed of course.
If you are curious about what we’ve accomplished, just stay in touch and check out our websites to see the final result !

We are so excited that we can’t wait to give a small sneak peek ….
In a later post we will share more details and info about our collaboration and the process. More of my weavings can be found here and here. More of Juliette’s ceramics can be found here and here.

IlsePhilips & Keramiek Juliette

Art footplaid

Just finished a series of art footplaids. Art footplaids are small plaids for your sofa, bed or ottoman. They are used to put your feet on or snuggle your cold feet in. All footplaids are unique and one of a kind, and can be made in a variety of yarns. Most woven plaids are commissioned, but I do have a small amount of plaids in stock. Price starts at 150 euro. Width : 60 cm / Length : 120-140 cm. Wash instructions : all plaids should be hand washed or dry cleaned only.

Pushing the limits : a virtual shaft weaving art exhibition

My 3D-block wallhanging was selected as part of the international virtual shaft weaving art exhibition “Pushing the Limits” by Olivier Masson. l’m honoured and proud ! This international exhibition can be viewed online from December  1, 2020 till December 1 2021. Thank you Olivier and Lala for all your hard work making this gorgeous exhibition possible.

3D-block from the Metamorphosis serie by IlsePhilips
3D-block wallhanging by IlsePhilips

Table runner “Jul”

Table runner Jul

Table runner “Jul” in typical Christmas colours red, green, white.
…….It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..
Double weaving blocks on 8 shafts. One side has light background, the other side has a darker background.
Fully reversible.
Material : Cotton
Size : 100 x 50 cm
Colours : red, green, white
Ships in a gift box.
Price : 70 euro incl. shipping costs (in EU)
Email me if you are interested.

Looking for some special art to give ? You can find it here, here, here and here.
If you’re having problems with Christmas decorating, Anna from L’Essenziale has some tips for you.

Table runner "Jul" in typical Christmas colours by IlsePhilips.nl
Christmas colours by IlsePhilips.nl
Table runner "Jul" in typical Christmas colours by IlsePhilips.nl
“Jul” table runner in typical Christmas colours by IlsePhilips.nl
Table runner "Jul" in typical Christmas colours by IlsePhilips.nl
Table runner in typical Christmas colours by IlsePhilips.nl

4000 wefts krokbragd tablerunner

4000 wefts of krokbragd is what it took me to finally finish my tablerunner in this gorgeous Swedish technique. The table runner is 1 meter long and 27 cm wide (without fringes).
More than 4.000 wefts in merino, wool, acryl.
A while ago I wove a rug “Lollipop” in the same krokbragd technique. It’s a fun technique, but very very time-consuming ! Monique Hakkennes and Kelly Casanova have good weaving lessons in this technique.
Ships in a gift box.
Price : 150 euro, incl. shipping (in EU)

4000 wefts of krokbragd by IlsePhilips
Swedish krokbragd by IlsePhilips
4000 wefts of krokbragd by IlsePhilips
4000 wefts of krokbragd by IlsePhilips
4000 wefts of krokbragd by IlsePhilips
4000 wefts of krokbragd by IlsePhilips

Mijn weefsels te koop bij Terra Artprojects Zoetermeer

Whoehoe !!!
Vanaf 1 oktober ben ik “Pro deelnemer Toegepaste Kunst” bij Terra Artprojects Zoetermeer.

Dit is wat de toetsingscommissie schreef :

“Samen met diverse werken die te zien zijn op haar website, zoals kussens en theedoeken, getuigen ze van vakmanschap en gevoel voor kleur en compositie. Ilse geeft hier duidelijk esthetisch vorm aan functionele voorwerpen. De andere drie aangeboden werken zijn prachtig gemaakt en laten het vakmanschap zien van Ilse. We herkennen in deze werken Ilse’s talent met gevoel voor interieur.”

Vanaf 1 november zal een selectie van mijn weefsels in hun winkel verkocht worden. Bedankt Terra Art, en de toetsingscommissie. Ik kijk uit naar een leuke samenwerking en heb er zin in !

Vintage moose wall art

Weaving a vintage moose wall art on my 16-shaft loom was always on my to-do list. I finally decided to spend some time designing this in a 16-shaft summer & winter technique. Eva Stossel has written a nice blog about this summer & winter technique. Summer & winter is a Scandinavian block weaving, woven with 2 shuttles. It’s special because the front and back are inverted. In the old days, plaids woven with this technique were very common in Sweden. During winter they showed one side of the plaid, in summer they showed the other side. So a wallhanging, plaid or table runner made with this technique can be displayed both ways. Because I wanted to have an ‘old Scandinavian’ vintage look, I choose green alpaca for the pattern and unbleached cottolin for the ground cloth. The moose are separated by a ‘green lawn’ in silk yarn.

Price : 430 euro 
Size : 180 x 35 cm
Contact me for more information

Special art and fun weavings : passementerie, flower garden or connected art object.

Weaving with strips of old sheets

weaving with strips of sheets

Weaving with strips of old sheets

Weaving with strips of old sheets is a good way to re-use old curtains, bedsheets or old table linens.

Rip some old sheets in long ribbons and weave with them. You can leave the ends hanging on both sides as a design feature, or you can weave them in. It’s fun doing, weaving goes very fast en the result is amazing. Turn your old sheets or curtains into a new piece of fabric by weaving with strips. Make place mats, table runners, rugs, potholders or even cushion covers with your old sheets or curtains. I combined bed sheets with grey cotton cord and regular cotton yarn. You have to warp your loom with a slightly wider sett. I threaded my loom for a Monks Belt technique.

More fun experiments ?
Try weaving loops
Need a tutorial about weaving with strips ?
Try this video