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iphilips/ juni 12, 2018/ Handwoven textile, Printed textile

When I was young (feels like a long time ago….oh wait… IS a long time ago) I was always interested in fashion, design, sketching, drawing, interiors and architecture. I can’t remember how many times I redecorated my bedroom. When I was 16 (and still at school) I had a ‘Saturday & Wednesday-afternoon’-job with an architect who lived in my street. Nothing fancy or spectacular, just typing his reports (on an electrical typewriter; yes….he was very modern) to earn some extra money. It was a very inspiring place to be. The money I earned I did not spend on going out to discos, alcohol or drugs (okay….I must confess… the small farming village I lived there was 1 disco who served no alcohol and we just never heard of drugs). Nope….In the small village I was living, there was a little antique shop. No need to say that all the money I earned was spend in that shop. Fashion was my second love. I had subscriptions to every interesting fashion magazine and as my mother was a couture seamstress making my own clothes was easy-peasy. When I left school at 18, I asked myself what I would like to do. The answer was ofcourse Fashion Designer. Unfortunately I could not enroll in that study so I decided to go to work as a secretary and earn money. After a while I got bored being a secretary and started following several

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