16-shaft double weaving

I love double weaving. Double weave means you can weave on 1 warp separate layers, or combine the layers. Double weave on 16-shafts is very complicated because when you weave layer 1, all the threads of the other layers have to be ‘out of the way’. I know how to double weave on 4 and 8 shafts with the interaction of the underlying colors. But on my 16-shafts, somehow, I just couldn’t figure it out. Until know…. It took me 2 days (yeah…I know….) and a lot of math, trial and error, but I got it. I wanted to create blocks where the colours of each layer are clean and crisp. I’ve made 2 designs. Each design shows the draft and a visual image of how it could look when woven. One layer is the groundcloth, the other layers have blocks in different colors. Which one do you prefer ? and why ?

The next step is playing around with the blocks, colors and treadling…. so stay tuned !

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