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I design exciting and unique handwoven textile & art. The philosophy behind my accessoires is that there is a minimal waste of yarns. That’s why I use all kind of (left-over) materials.  With these left-over materials it’s my goal to create unique home accessoires. Art plaids, tea towels, wall art and home accessoires with a wow-factor. The used materials gives beautiful natural irregularities which can be found in every product. The patterns and yarns vary, to give each design its unique identity and character. 

Interested in a collaboration?
Would you like to publish my designs in your magazine, gallery or museum?  
Can’t find that unique handwoven textile & art piece for your interior (design project)? My designs are available for rent (in the Netherlands). Just mail me and we can have a chat about your wishes.

Enjoy !

Berlageplan 26
2728 EG Zoetermeer

06 43234442
info [ad] ilsephilips [dot] nl

Art plaids

Art plaids are a unique and beautiful piece of artisanal woven accessoire on your sofa. These foot plaids, designed for your footstool/Ottoman are smaller than a normal plaid. Besides my own designs, I can weave foot plaids on request. New designs have to fit within my signature. All art plaids are handwoven and made in a single number. Matching with a wall hanging it will give your interior a luxurious look and feeling.
Prices start at 150 euro depending on the yarns used. Contact me if you have any questions.

Foot plaid Rex blue-white-grey-cream
Foot plaid Linda
Foot plaid Helmut
Foot plaid Rex black-cream
Foot plaid Mormor
Foot plaid Rex black-white
Foot plaid Grey-white
Foot plaid Gold-white
Foot plaid Norsk merino blue

Wall art

I design wall art. Small and large wall hangings that are unique, artisanal woven with luxury yarns and complemented with unusual yarns. Each wall hanging is a beautiful piece of artisanal woven art piece. Combine my wall art with a beautiful art plaid to give your house a luxurious, warm and cosy look. Each wall hanging is made in a single number. 

CARNIVAL-Handwoven wallhanging in passementerie by Ilse Philips
LOV-Handwoven wallhanging in passementerie by Ilse Philips
GOLD-Handwoven wallhanging in passementerie by Ilse Philips
FLOWER FIELD-Handwoven wall hanging by IlsePhilips
AUTUMN-Handwoven wallhanging by Ilse Philips
METAMORPHOSIS 3 – FLOWER GARDEN-Handwoven wallhanging by Ilse Philips
METAMORPHOSIS 3 – NO TIME TO WASTE-Handwoven wallhanging by Ilse Philips


My blog about handwoven interior textiles. Unique and limited accessoires for your interior. Gorgeous scarves and accessoires to create an enriched look.

CARNIVAL wallhanging

Carnival wallhanging Introducing my new Carnival wallhanging. A design – handwoven in the passement-technique – that celebrates color. Passement is the art of handweaving decorative ribbons. A lost technique that I have revived, but in an enlarged and modern format. Carnival is a bright and colourful wall art which is woven with luxury yarns as 100% merino …

Flower Field Wallhanging

Keramiek Juliette (ceramist, Terneuzen) and Ilse Philips (textile artist, Zoetermeer) joined hands together to create a unique wallhanging.Ilse wove the base cloth in a deflected double weave pattern, and ceramist Juliette created the different flowers. So when the plan for a collaboration had come up, we started with a designplan. What was the feeling we would like to …

PAS-GOLD / kunstwerk

Te koop via @masters_and_crafters. PAS-GOLD / kunstwerk. Een perfect cadeau voor de feestdagen. Dit handgeweven kunstwerk is geweven in de ‘passement’ techniek. Passement is de kunst van het weven van decoratieve linten. Een verloren gegane techniek die ik nieuw leven ingeblazen heb, maar dan in een modern jasje.Dit kunstwerk is ingelijst in een zwarte box …

Collaborations & Press

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